When you know you’re doing what you love to do. This gardening season is coming to an end, there are still projects to be done, gardens to be put up for the winter and such.

This past weekend I finally finished up the first strawberry patch that needed to be renovated. I did not like that it was up too high and was mounded making it harder to walk through than needed. Our normal mostly clay subsoil wasn’t really a great thing either so i excavated the whole thing down several feet and moved that out of there and replaced it by a mix of mostly decayed wood chips, some sand a little of that clay and the scant amount of topsoil and humus that was there already. It also gave me a good place to bury some of the garden debris and all the bean shells I had ready to go.

The bean season wasn’t the best. I was hoping for 50 - 100 lbs from all the space I had planted. I will be lucky to make it 15 - 20 lbs. Many of the pods had nothing in them. Very tough weather at just the wrong times and high heat at other times. And the Edamame soybeans were about 30 seeds harvested for several hundred planted. The lima beans are just now podding out again, but the cold weather in the forecast will likely put a stop to them at last. It has been a late season.

Other plantings mostly did great, the red peppers, onions, cucumbers, squash all went well. The tomatoes did moderately well. So on the whole, yes there were some failures and difficulties, but diversity in plantings did make the whole season well worth the efforts.

Onwards into the fall projects… :)