Out With the Old

The old icon was an ant, simple, black and white, tiny. Color is more fun and interesting - I’ve use the Color Wheel in other places so until I do something else that will replace the original ant. While I was at it I updated the academic theme and have tried to track down the other last few minor issues I’ve come across (horizontal rules and double slashes showing up in a few paths). None of these are major so that is great.

The conversion of the old flowers page is completed, several other projects added and some other projects have updates and/or new and/or better pictures.

Spring is moving along, we’ve had a few hard frosts the past week and the strawberries are blooming. It is still a few weeks from planting out the warm weather crops. I did get some onion sets in. The rains have eased off enough now that I can get some weeding done without it being too muddy. I’m late with the peas again.

Before planting season gets here in full I’m trying to get the north garden cleaned up and weeded. Mainly I am working on replacing the taller birdsfoot trefoil along the edges with shorter ground covers which are less of a problem. The trefoil is a commercial/agricultural version which is much larger/taller than the wild plants - it drapes into the neighboring pathways and drops a lot of seeds if not trimmed back. Lesson learned… Today I hope I can get a few flats of pink creeping phlox added as another layer to one edge and weed out thistles and grasses which like to try to take over when I’m not looking. Any remaining bare spots I put in cover crops or veggies, but the area is not fenced so most of what gets planted can be eaten (the deer, rabbits and groundhogs have already trimmed back the strawberries and other edible flowering plants quite a bit) yet I still get enough from the area to make the efforts worth it. It is a much more interesting garden space to me than the more barren gardens we have inside the fenced area.