Seasonal Tasks Summer

What is my gardening routine like?

Fresh Strawberries

What happens in the summer?

It doesn’t feel like summer until I can get all the warmer weather crops planted. Beans, Tomatoes, Peppers and Squash.

Strawberries are the first fruits of the season for us. I’m always hoping they will do well. Peas and Garlic will come along and eventually and be harvested, fresh Peas often don’t even make it out of the garden - we’ll stand right there and eat them. The dry peas need to fully dry before they can be put into storage.

The most important thing about weeding is that it really helps to have the right tools for the space and also to get out frequently enough to do it. Anything else you can do to limit weeds is helpful and I have several methods depending upon which garden I am working on.

Mid to later summer the beans are producing and that is always a great time of the year for me. Fresh beans are one of our favorites. Shelly beans and dry beans are also starting to be harvested and eaten or put aside to dry fully before they can be put into storage.