There has been much going on as usual this time of the gardening season. Mostly good things. Finishing up planting, strawberries ripening, trying to get the Edamame Soybeans to grow when the chipmunks (aka ground squirrels) seem to really favor them. Plus the normal weeding and working on projects as I get time. I’ve not even really been taking too many pictures because most things I’ve already gotten pictures of so why take more? New groundcover (Sandwort) in the mixed-flowers project is the only one that comes to mind.

My attempt to get the north garden taken care of has not finished as of yet with too many other things having more priority, so that looks like a mess. I’m hoping to get back to that this week and finish it up so I can plant. Much needs weeding in there.

The strawberry crop this season is about 1/30th the normal. Too much feeding over the winter/spring from the deer, rabbits, etc. have kept the plants outside the fenced areas from producing much leaving most of the production for the one new strawberry patch that I put in last summer (which is inside the fenced garden area). Frost and lack of rains also had a lot of impact. That is just how it goes some years. I am lucky and glad to have any berries at all, but that is the good thing about having more than one strawberry patch with different conditions.

Everything else seems to be doing well, sprouted, up and growing. Protecting the young bean sprouts has largely seemed to have been done by having the Edamame Soybeans planted (only a few others have been dug up and chewed on). The other variety that seems to have been targeted were the fresh eating green beans - I have a few empty spots I will poke some other seeds in. I planted between 50 and 100 bean varieties this year (as compared to 2 last season) and am taking the time to sort and combine my collection (on rainy days) while I have the space to do it. And the reason I have the space is that I took plenty of the worm buckets out to the gardens this spring for the planting (as usual) and have not restarted some of them yet. I hope to get a few of those restarted today. Time to get to it… Cheers.