From Space or Up on the Roof

Mid-Summer 2022

Pictures from off planet.

It is great to have pictures from higher up through the years as things change (thanks to Google, county GIS and the USGS).

I’m not sure where or how I found this picture.

Early House - 1996ish (235K) house

The earliest Saginaw County GIS pictures.

Early House 1997 - 1997 (174K) house

A bit more of the neighborhood from back then.

Early House Back 1997 - 1997 (303K) house

From before we redid the roof.

House - Ed. Nov 10 2012 (285K) house

From after the new roof.

House - Ed. Oct 23 2014 (264K) house

Not exactly sure when taken.

House - Ed. Apr 30 2017 (803K) house

Sometime in the fall of 2019 or the spring of 2020.

House - Ed. Mar 23 2022 (680K) house

Sometime in mid-summer 2022.

House - Ed. Feb 04 2023 (776K) house

Pictures from on planet.

From when the tulip gardens were still fairly full and in bloom.

SE_Garden - May 5 2013 (1199K) se_garden

The view to the north over the north central garden.

N_Garden - May 5 2013 (1527K) n_garden

Later that same summer I was up there again. Circling from the south west garden clockwise around the whole view.

The south west garden is a tree nursery and what we’ve called the red, white and blue garden.

SW_Garden - Jun 30 2013 (1063K) sw_garden

I think I took this picture to make a note of which rocks were where. It did come in handy not too long ago because I was asked if we were missing one.

W_Garden - Jun 30 2013 (K) w_garden

The front with the poppies and clematis blooming.

NW_Garden - Jun 30 2013 (1215K) nw_garden

The beans, they are a growin’. 😄

N_Garden - Jun 30 2013 (1506K) n_garden

There is so much going on in this area and as far as the gardens go they are further away from the house than I’d like, which is why the animals get a fair share of what is planted out there. I really don’t mind, too much…

NE_Garden - Jun 30 2013 (2070K) ne_garden

If I really didn’t want animals to get at the gardens I would put a fence around it. Sort of like this fence, but only better. Some animals can get through the gaps and this is not electrified so some animals will also climb over to get in. Yet we do get plenty of flowers and food out of this garden to make the efforts worth it. As I keep learning more the gardens change and sadly some flowers don’t thrive in our soils and climate.

SE_Garden - Jun 30 2013 (1498K) se_garden

Where most of the view from the roof is blocked by the trees, but some of the decorations are visible and the garden path.

S_Garden - Jun 30 2013 (1593K) s_garden