Another reason I enjoy using wood chips in gardens. 😄 You get some interesting fungi showing up.

My brother used to hunt for morel mushrooms. He told me that if I took water from rinsing morel mushrooms and scattered it around the yard we’d eventually have some. Note, this is an old farm field, some sand or topsoil has been put down in places, but not the whole area (clay with a little sand). He gave us a few fresh morels to bring home once to eat. I took the rinse water and dumped it in three areas. We’ve had morels show up now near two of those areas plus in another location near the faucet I used to rinse them. Could be coincidence? Sure. Yet I’ll still keep putting rinse water around more places as I get a chance. BTW this one was yummy!

Morels - May 13 2016 (1280K) morels

This one popped up in the limestone mulch. It is hard to believe it was able to grow in what little is there (a few inches of limestone gravel and whatever detritus has fallen there over the years). Again, this isn’t far from where I rinsed a morel before and scattered some of the water.

Morel - May 6 2017 (1121K) morels

From the 2022 season a morel in the pathway to the garden.

Morel - May 16 2022 (4006K) morels

Growing in one of the worm buckets - a very delicate fungi which looked like an umbrella.

Paper Umbrella - Mar 29 2011 (1312K) fungi

Coming from solid wood. The colors are great!

Wood Ear - Sep 21 2010 (1473K) fungi

This one looks like the top of a muffin.

Muffin Top - Sep 19 2010 (1404K) fungi

A nice grouping of mushrooms.

Mushrooms - Sep 24 2009 (1163K) fungi

Muted colors.

Mushrooms - Jul 03 2023 (4387K) fungi