When we finally put the new roof on it looked so much better than before.

New Roof - Nov 27 2012 (712K) house

A beautiful random happening of light filtered through a bottle in the window with a ray captured by the glass decorations.

Glass Light Far - May 16 2017 (1270K) house

Glass Light - May 16 2017 (1426K) house

Glass Light Ball - May 16 2017 (664K) house

A big project I started and finished this spring was to get the old garden shed walls and ceiling enclosed and tiled because the mice and bees were getting in the walls and making a mess of things. Considering I was using leftover tile and winging it on the design on the end I was happy with how it came out (also my first wall tile job).

Shed View S - Jun 6 2018 (664K) shed

Shed View N - Jun 6 2018 (664K) shed