Mosses and Others

Young Ferns

Some young ferns starting to grow in the limestone mulch. Such an interesting pattern. Forgive the repeat, but I want to provide the link to the larger image if people want to look closer.

New Ferns - May 4 2019 (1437K) ferns

A small plant of Irish Moss that I didn’t know what it was at first and thought it was a potentially invasive weed I did not want in the Creeping Thyme. I weeded it out in the spring of 2019. Later that summer it was regrowing again and I looked up what it was and figured out that perhaps I’d like to see how it worked out. I moved it to a new location where I can keep a closer eye on it. Since it survived the winter I will keep weeding the thyme from around it and see how it fills in on the edge of a compacted slope. We’ll see how it looks in a few years. A nearby small patch of Pink Creeping Phlox is having a pretty tough time, but perhaps a plant closer to the ground will be able to do better.

Irish Moss Start - Mar 15 2020 (2349K) mosses

After a summer of growth it has done pretty well, but the surrounding creeping thyme is certainly giving it a challenge. I do have to keep weeding away (about once every few weeks) the creeping thyme to make sure the moss doesn’t get smothered. I do know it will survive if it is growing among the creeping thyme, but I do want to have some bare moss area as a contrasting texture and to see how it performs under direct light on that slope.

Irish Moss First Season - Sep 12 2020 (2868K) mosses

A closer picture. I’m sure hoping all those seedlings sprouting are the creeping thyme as it would be nice to fill that area in faster.

Irish Moss Closer - Sep 12 2020 (3585K) mosses

Those seedlings were weeds so no luck with that filling in faster with the Creeping Thyme. The original spot that was transplanted I’ve kept the Creeping Thyme from growing over it and it has filled in and grown, but not nearly as fast as the Creeping Thyme.

Irish Moss Two Years Later - Sep 17 2021 (3751K) mosses

About a month ago I found two more spots of Irish Moss that were growing near where I found the previous spot. I moved them to fill in another bare spot further down on a slope. There are two bits of Irish Moss in this picture - one I’ve removed the Creeping Thyme and the other I’m leaving it alone mixed in because it seems to grow ok. We’ll see how they do. And of course I get a picture of a deer hoof - they wander through this garden almost every evening.

New Spots Moved - Oct 6 2021 (4225K) mosses